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summer and smoke

Group Show curated by Roberta Bayley
July 18 - August 22, 2019
Opening: Thursday, July 18 from 6-9pm

This group show curated by Roberta Bayley is a collection of photographs designed specifically to snap you out of your summer doldrums. Photographers include Amy Arbus, Janette Beckman, Bruce Carleton, Danny Fields, Godlis, Keith Green, Bobby Grossman, Bob Gruen, John Holmstrom, Dustin Pittman Kate Simon, Chris Stein, Joe Stevens, Lisa Jane Persky, Dustin Pittman, Paul Zone and Roberta Bayley.

Some people go swimming in the summer - even punks. Hence Joe Strummer, in a bathing suit. Twice. Some guys throw footballs around on the beach, even if their first name is Alice. You’ll see it here first. A few brave ones ride the wild surf, and so we see Joey Ramone on the great wave, like the master he always was. The luscious Deborah Harry tends toward minimalist clothing in the summer, and you don’t want to miss it. Smokin’! Even Johnny Rotten has been known to take a dip. While Salt ’n Pepa spend their summer days at the local deli, hearthrob Dee Dee Ramone drips sex, beside the pool at the Tropicana. And look, there’s Glenn O’Brien, luxuriating in a swimming pool. Anya Phillips and James Chance are deliciously bored, leaning up against a white car outside CBGB, on one of those hot steamy nights way back then.